Monday, December 22, 2003

Kenduri affairs

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding do (congratulations Fazly & Siti Rohaini!) in Selayang. I got the 'bunga telur' duty (complete with a lace-decked basket and all) as no one else seemed to want it. I didn't mind it too much though, it wasn't a very difficult affair thanks to the countless occasions before where I held the same exact post at other relatives' kenduris. Plus I got two small assistants who could 'sneak in' between the chairs better and more inconspicously than I could, all I need to do is point and tell them which makcik or pakcik or kakak or abang and they'd zoom in to the target ("Tu, makcik yang pakai baju biru, dengan anak dia") with a bunga telur (for adults) or cake-pack (for children) in hand. The only drawbacks were - 1) There may be two makciks in blue near each other, and they'd get confused; and 2) The bunga telurs were sometimes freely placed precariously at the edge of the table, to which I'd have to go in person and correct the mistakes. By 4 p.m., there were only a few groups of late-comers here and there so I just filled up a basket each of bunga telurs and cake-packs and place them at the frontmost table. Yeah, take your own then. Have your pick, either bunga telur or cake-pack, or both.

[ My 'bunga-telur-duty' assistants ]

It's good to catch up with the relatives as I didn't get to meet many of them during the recent raya festivities. As usual, it seems like no family gathering (and especially at weddings) is ever complete (for me at least) without the customary million-dollar questions similar to the lines of "Haaa.... awak tu bila lagi?" (when will it be your turn to marry?) to which I usually answer with either "Nanti-nanti lah" (sooner or later) if the relative doing an impersonation of Jalaluddin Hassan is an elder or "Within the next few financial years" if they would understand what that means. And then I have a particular aunt who would almost unfailingly tell me of 'this eligible young man, a [insert occupation] and is the son/nephew/brother of [insert name of an unknown distant relative or family friend]' each time we met (3 or 4 times yearly on average). I love her, and I know she has my best interests at heart, but it can be a little bit of an annoyance sometimes. Don't worry la... when the time comes, God-willing, I'd be contributing towards the statistics as a part of all those smugly-married couples out there, but until then (until I find THE guy that I feel I can connect to, have fun with, be serious with, and finally grow old with, that is), they'd all just have to wait. Very patiently :)

1) I came across this in minishort's blog - "If someone says that I need to be stupid and uneducated to get married, then I'd rather be clever and educated and not married". Exactly.

2) Received a call from the KL Sentral police booth around 2 p.m. - apparently my diary and notebook (refer previous entry) are there. Yay!

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