Monday, December 22, 2003

All's okay

First day back to the office, and I managed to lose my work notebook and diary at the KL Sentral station. The cleaning service there certainly proved that they're so very-very efficient. I absentmindedly left the notebook and diary on the ATM machine and only realized what I did after 2 LRT stops later. Got off, caught the next train in the opposite direction and when I returned to the crime scene (which was about 10 minutes later) both items were nowhere to be seen. 10 minutes, that's all it takes. And so, late-lah for the office. Luckily da Boss is not in when I arrived, so that's okay.

There are only a few days left anyway in 2003... hmmm... nothing much for the rest of the year that I haven't planned yet, and I can remember them all, so that's okay. Don't think there's much chance I'm gonna get involved in anything that'd require me to account and prove for where I was with whom and when during any day in the year 2003, so all the notes on daily activities lost then, still okay. The diary was a useful source of work-related addresses and phone numbers, but we'd all be getting a new diary for 2004 soon, so that's okay too. There was also a RM10 note in between some papers in the diary (for emergencies e.g. lunch money / train fare), but it was only RM10 after all. Okay. As for the work notes though, I suppose I'd just have to make do with a new book and what I can remember. And ask around for things I've forgotten. Still okay.

While taking stock of the 'loss', the last thing that I remembered was that there were some stuff I've written during my time away which was meant for blog posts, all neatly placed in the diary! Oh man, now I'd have to do a complete re-write, which as the writing process go would never be similar to the original as there are no other notes whatsoever. Ah well. These grey cells are still waaaaaay before their 'best by' date yet.

So there. All's okay then. A lot has happened during the last two weeks. There were a lot of great moments, great company, and I did some soul-searching as well. I found a few things within myself, and the people around me. Discovered new experiences, re-lived some old times. It was hard to imagine going back to the office after all that, but life goes on. And hey, it's all okay though. Thank you, God, for this life and all that I have.

Note: While editing the last bit of this post, there was a momentary blackout at the office. Nasib baik I've already saved it as a draft post. See? Still okay :)

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