Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Bahlsen's Croissini

[ Pretty croissants ]

Look! Croissants! Buttery, flaky croissants. Hmm hmmm... I just love croissants. That hard-to-pronounce piece of the pastry family, delicious on its own especially warm right out of the oven (or microwave) and also as sandwiches with tuna mayo or whatever filling you desire... But then for this one, look again:

[ Size comparison (tip to tip of each croissant about 4cm) ]

[ The packaging (sorry, hand wasn't steady) ]

I came across this bag of Bahlsen's mini-croissants at the Giant Supermarket in Amcorp Mall, priced at RM 3.69 for a skimpy 75g of sweet pastry bliss. At first I thought it was quite expensive, but curiosity got the better of me and I feel I just had to have them if only to see what they look like (I once bought a pack of Arnott's shortbread because I thought the picture on the packaging looked nice, but found out later that taste and texture of the product left much to desire. Umh.. I regretted that one). Yours truly have this rather obsessive liking for most stuff that list flour and butter as the main parts of the ingredients.

The verdict? Yummy! The croissants were actually harder than the usual big ones - lightly crunchy (almost like thin biscuits). They were as flaky as their normal counterparts, and just as buttery with no oily residue at all. Another plus is that it has a nice thin sugary glaze, just enough to make the sweetness distinct but not too sweet. I found myself licking my fingers after finishing the whole bag (including the flakes at the bottom!).

The small size makes it suitable for nibbling (pop one or two in the mouth and crunch, crunch awayy), and the practical packaging (handy, very easy to open unlike some packaging where you need to use your sharp incisors and both hands) makes it a convenient choice to bring places e.g. the office, on long journeys, at beach picnics etc. The only drawback is you better not sit or crush the bag unless you want it to be a bag of crumbettes and flakkinis instead of croissinis.

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