Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Lost and found

Yesterday I lost my work diary and notebook at the KL Sentral station. I thought all was lost (although it's okay) until I received a call a few hours later from a Korporal Mustaffa informing that the items were at the Balai Polis Bantuan KL Sentral, and what time would I like to come and collect them? So I went straight to the station after buying my train ticket for the journey home, and was met by a very helpful policeman with the name-tag of 'Khazairi'.

After the initial Q&A session ("Ada apa boleh saya tolong? Oh… diari.. sekejap saya periksa. Tertinggal kat mana tadi? Kerja kat mana ni?") and some mumblemumble into the walkie talkie ("Stesyen satu ke stesyen dua.. ermm blabla hilang diari dadidu ada ke jumpa yadayada") he went out awhile to get the keys to the inner room and voila! Encik Khazairi (is it correct to address a policeman that way?) however did not fail to first verify via my driving license ("Kena la pastikan…. takut nanti jadi apa-apa") that I am indeed the person whose name was written as the rightful owner of said items. The diary and notebook were in excellent condition, and unsurprisingly sans the RM10 note. According to Encik Khazairi, the items were found at a phone booth whereas I left it on an ATM machine, so there. He did ask me to check that nothing was amiss, but I decided not to take any more of his time (and risk missing the 1808 train home) over RM10 which I'm sure by then was either safely tucked in the wallet of or was already spent by the person who took it.

It amazed me that a person would take the trouble of going through all the worknotes and whatnots of a found diary. He or she would have to do exactly that to found the money considering I put it obscurely between some papers at the side pocket (even I myself had on occasions forgotten about that particular stash). I also like to stash my coins in various containers, then I'd forget all about it and find them again maybe 4-5 months later. Maybe I should do away with this stashing habit? What about you, do YOU have a stashing habit? According to this however, a stashing habit is good feng shui!

A big thanks to Korporal Mustaffa and Khazairi of Stesen Polis Bantuan KL Sentral for making the effort to return those insignificant-looking items to its rightful owner, for I know they could've just didn't bother and simply chuck them in the dumpster if they didn't care. Or maybe their job was that uneventful that the lost items were actually the highlight of the day… hehehe…. No lah.. I really am thankful! Who says the police do not care about the common public?

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