Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Life lessons

[ 47 items altogether ]

#765 - When dining out in a big group, assign someone to be the 'accountant' to work out the bill. The one with the fattest wallet could pay first and collect the money afterwards, assisted by the 'accountant'. Simply passing the money tray and bill around for people to put their part in is not a very good idea. Ticking off each item is practical although doing so in front of the waiter may draw some raised eyebrows. Ignore him/her. It's very easy to get confused when there are forty-seven items on the bill.

#763 - Always ASK for the menu when ordering food at an unfamiliar establishment. If they don't have a menu, ask for the ordered items' price. That unassuming pitcher of carbonated drink could cost you RM33 for all you know.

#521- Be careful with white tops. They have a way of attracting unsightly stains at awkward places. A spare top could prove useful especially on long journeys.

#522 - Kunyit (turmeric) stains from masak lemak on a white top would not come out with simply soap and water. Changing the top is better (refer lesson #521).

#866 - Rain + horse = wet horse
ooooooWet horse + ride = smelly clothes

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