Sunday, December 30, 2007

there she lay...

I swept the garage while waiting for her to die. Her little body twitched and twisted, and I couldn't bear to watch as she breathed her final breath.


We took her to the vet last weekend but apparently it just wasn't enough. I knew she was dying since yesterday, when her head kept flinching to the side and she refused to eat at dinner, though she still meows and looks up if one of us passes by. The rest of the litter played and romped about without a care. I took them all out of the cage and left just her inside to have some peace. Placed a piece of soft, clean rag under her, as she lay there weaker and weaker. The least I could do, I suppose.


She was laid to rest just as the sun was about to set. Abah told me to make sure to wrap her with a cloth. A burial shroud.

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