Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You Tube

I've just discovered You Tube. Omg, major coolness! Interested in anything with a video content? Search on! But one must be on broadband for total enjoyment. Plus a lot of free time ;)


P.S - If you want to play the videos in this site itself, click on the small 'Play' icon at the bottom right instead of the big icon in the middle of the screen. Or else the video will open in a new site, with bigger screen.

['Sekolahku' clip from Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskander's Ah-Ha show]

[Bush speaking in Malay]

[The Simpsons' greatest moments - various episode clips]

[Peterpan in concert KL - Ariel tersilap lirik during 'Semua Tentang Kita']

[Audioslave as 'Peter Punk' playing 'Ada Apa Dgn Cinta'. I'm tickled with this one. Check out the drummer, always in sync with the music. Coincidence?]

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