Monday, January 02, 2006

Peter panda

[Photo credit : The Star]

After last May's major disappointment, of course we just had to go.

The icing on the already highly-satisfactory cake last night was to have the band waving back at us from their van at the traffic light. But with fear of sounding like a starstruck teenage girl in mind, I insisted to Adam that hey, that's nice of them but it's meaningless, actually, kan? And surprisingly the answer was an excited "No it's NOT meaningless, darn it!"

Hahaha. The on-and-off rain, the crowd and all, it was worth it. We went home with our jeans spattered in mud from the bendang-like stadium at the end of the show. Do we mind? Nyeh, not one bit.

"If you have neither of the two, i.e. a cute vocalist or kick-ass good music, then don't bother"

But if you have both, like Peterpan?

Then bring it on!

toll : 3.60
parking : 6.00
mineral water : 2.50
concert ticket : 80.00
missing umbrella : 13.00
ruined heels : 40.00
shoved at entrance : 7 times
time spent rinsing mud out of jeans : 5 minutes

watching peterpan perform live and finding them
wave back at us at the traffic light:


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