Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lelaki ganas?

Addendum : Shucks. I knew I should've played more dolls and teng-teng back when I was five, rather than tag along with Bro and be their goalkeeper ("eh Farid adik ko ni pendek, bagi jaga gol la eh").

Apparently, sometimes I could sound too bloke-y for my own good, especially online I suppose. Am rather used to the reaction "Wha...I thought Ted's a man!", but this guy takes the cake when he actually thought I am a "lelaki ganas" before he met me (refer item 68).


Maybe I need to change the handle.

How about... Tedra? Teddikins? TedGurl? TedHoneycupcake? TedSweetGirly16? MissCuteBlossom? (makes cute girly faces)

A "lelaki ganas" wouldn't fall for him, now, would he?
[Photo credit: Aleya Setya]

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