Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Online or not?

[The yellow little fellow aint telling you the truth]

If the Yahoo! Messenger indicator icon here is to be believed, it would mean that I'm perpetually online. I have no idea why it shows so, though. Why, eh? Me, online all the time? Yeah, right. Which could not be much more further than the truth since I rarely have it on these days as there's a problem re: the cookies configuration at the office PC (not that I can afford to have on it anyway, teehee, bisa mengganggu konsentrasi) and I seldom surf the Internet at home except on the weekends that I'm home all day - what with the weddings to attend and other plans, ahem, that sort of days this month can be counted on one hand.

So anyways, don't say I'm sombong or anything lah, okay, if I don't reply your YM messages right away. Will do, just later :)

You certainly can't believe everything that you see online.

Btw, it's International Webloggers' Day! Here's one to bloggers all over!

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