Friday, June 04, 2004

Happy thoughts

for the day:
1. am dressed in purple
2. Komuter not packed with people today (semua orang cuti ke apa?)
3. sushi lunch with the girls and discussion on our upcoming Tioman excursion

for the weekend:
1. a friend's wedding
2. free tickets from kakiseni to Otak Tak Center (yay!)
3. a 3-day weekend - taking a leave next Monday (another yay!)

last month:
1. launch of PentasSeni KL
2. PFS surprise birthday dinner (not for me-lah, for those born in May and June) at Juara Tom-nyum

this month:
1. OPs OPHELIA: a FaShioN opeRa
2. Flies and Foreigners

ahead this year:
1. New Komuter halt at Midvalley in August
2. PentasSeni KL opening in December (where is Sentul West actually, eh? - another sesat possibility)

Okay, enough happpy thoughts at the moment. Ahem.

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