Wednesday, June 23, 2004

o Ophelia! How thee gallivants!

... 9 (out of many) reasons why you should go see ...

1. 90% of the time, there would be a bevy of gorgeous girls who then became women onstage with all sorts of body movement
2. the above will also go through a total of five wardrobe changes
3. the haunting music
4. the moving and thought provoking lines, minimal but profound, and some parts are pretty funny too! *ever took a flight with trollydolly airlines before?*
5. free notes with the song lyrics and script - how many theatre productions give you this?
6. the video sequence yg menaikkan bulu roma
7. the runway-style stage
8. the fashion show at the end, so glamourous
9. the founding s*x dance sequence with, ah, belled red ribbons

rolling Ophelia
[rolling Ophelia posters to earn my keep]

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