Wednesday, June 16, 2004

14 things NOT to do on a Komuter / LRT train ride

don’t lean
[Jatuh nanti! (You might fall!)]

2, 3, and 4.
No, Nope and Nay
[No smoking, No eating or drinking and No littering]
View a possible result of No. 2. Not pretty.

5. Yakking loudly on the phone to your best friend so the whole train could hear all the lurid, colorful details regarding your ever-unhealing kurap / outstanding bedroom frolic last night / others. No, we really don't want to know.

6. Falling asleep on the next guy's shoulder, accompanied by sound effect with decibel levels that would make a jackhammer cower in shame and completed by some 'free-flowing liquid' with enough DNA matter to get one acquitted at a crime scene investigation.

[These Seats Are Reserved For Senior Citizens, Pregnant Ladies & Disabled.

Pretending sleep when a pregnant lady/ old quivering aunty/ other named persons as above stand right in front of your comfy seat. Be courteous-lah.


Hogging the whole tiang (pole) in the middle of the train by leaning on it when everyone else is groping around for something to hold on for balance.

9. Groping around and hanging on someone else's body parts (ANY part), pretending it's for balance.

10. Finding yourself a seat furthest from the door and proceed to get up only when the train has stopped at your destination and the doors have already opened, going 'Oops, sorry, my stop here, *shove* sorry, *push* excuse me, *elbow* *nudge* whoops, sorry'.

11. Taking off your shoes, exposing those socks with exotic olfactory-invasion attribute and 'airing' them around to dry the dampness out.

12. 'Parking' your bagpack/grocery/one-week's laundry hamper on the next seat.

13. NOT covering your mouth when you sneeze / cough, especially the ones that contribute extra moisture (and certainly germs) to everybody else’s breathing space.


Public display of affection e.g. above. I mean, come on...

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