Monday, June 28, 2004

Dah Semput? : Kesiannn Anding


[Anding, during a stress-free moment]


[At times of an attack you'd be grateful to have friends hold you on]

A tear-jerking movie, a fight with your spouse, or even a joyous reunion -- for some people with asthma, these are emotional triggers that can leave them gasping for air. On many occasions asthma gets worse for no apparent reason, but some things will often cause a deterioration. Emotion - anger, anxiety or happiness - can bring on an attack of wheezing in some asthmatics.

Reactions from emotional anxiety and stress are however considered to be more of an effect than a cause. They can cause fatigue, which may affect the immune system and, in turn, increase either asthma symptoms or bring on an attack. Persons with asthma have acute episodes when the air passages in their lungs become narrower, and breathing becomes more difficult. These problems are caused by an over-sensitivity of the lungs and airways.

During an attach, the lungs and airways overreact to certain triggers causing:

 the lining of the airways to become inflamed and swollen.
 tightening of the muscles that surround the airways.
 an increased production of mucus.

Breathing becomes harder and may hurt.

The following are quotes from a few of the 10,000 children who responded to Asthma UK Blue Peter Asthma Survey conducted in 1995.
 'It feels like someone is standing on my lungs.'
 'It feels like I am being squashed.'
 'When I'm having an attack it feels like a rope is being slowly tightened around my chest.'

(Error: Apparently it was a near-attack, not an actual attack. But still. That hurts too.)

I’m not really one of his fans, but I know what it would feel like to have a sudden (near) attack like the one he had during the end of the 3rd Akademi Fantasia concert (yep I’m in the bandwagon miahahahaha can't resist it). Only those who had experienced one would.

An asthma attack is no laughing matter. Imagine when all of a sudden your can't really breathe in air, only a little bit than nothingness. Your ribcage muscles try to constrict and expand in spasms, mimicking the usual breathing rythm, and yet at best all you'd have are the short huffs where the oxygen feels like it comes in periodic 'trickles'. If there are wheezes, fine, 'cause it means you're taking in air.

And to have one onstage during a live telecast, even a near-attack, (when you’re supposed to look and feel oh-so-glamorous yaddyayadda), would be so embarrassing. Not to mention it looks pathetic as well.

Kesiannn dia. Oh but don't worry, I'm still reluctant to go for the A F U N D I buttons on my cellphone. Not that I have one (either buttons or cellphone) at the moment anyway. And that, ah.... is another story.


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All photos taken from Akademi Fantasia official website

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