Sunday, June 20, 2004

More things NOT to do on a Komuter / LRT train ride

I definitely am not the only blogger who takes the train on a daily basis. In response to the helpful comments from 'What's the matter?'s readers in the previous post, here are additional points for your Train Ethics 101 notes, Chapter 2: 'Things NOT to do on a Komuter / LRT train ride.

15. Staring down people's tops [point by Sarah]

16. Scratching one's private part and "reparking" them! - this will also be filed under the 'Come on!' category [point by mdmafia]

17. Toting rotiboys - it's pure suffering for the rest [point by ryuu]

18. Snogging - falls under 'Come on! category

19. Farting

20. Being smelly by not bathing in the morning

21. Bringing prams the size of kancils and filled with noisy kids some more, regardless of their cuteness level - may still make some people feel like strangling them
[points #18-21 by anuar]

Got more to add? Just put up your matter in Comments or shoot me an email if you wanna be mysterious. Be creative!

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