Thursday, May 29, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical

[ Pix source : Official Production Site ]

Was at the opening show last night. Came home almost 1 am and got a minor ticking off by Papito for not calling up to inform i'll be late. Hee. Sorry Abah.. lain kali tak buat lagi eh.

And yes, it was good. The play, I meant, not the ticking off.

There are things they did differently compared to the first run, some scenes were taken out and new ones added in, but all the main ingredients were there. Except for Sean Ghazi and Siti Nurhaliza (replaced by Musly Ramlee -no family relation to the late Tan Sri though-, and Emilda Rosmila).

Of course one can't help to do comparisons :)

Review coming.

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