Sunday, April 20, 2008


it's past 2 a.m i've just clicked on either the 'ignore' or 'accept' buttons of the numerous facebook apps i've received, lost count already. one can say Ted went facebook frenzy hahahahahaha. beratus2 request ntah apa2 tah.

music blasted occasionally from my cousin's notebook. we were the only ones still up in the house. surfing and getting lost in our own separate internet 'cocoon'. solidarity of the night-owls. thank god for broadband and wireless routers.

- "this is an awesome band lah. also, check out the lead singer's hair"
+ "apa nama dia?"
- "
coheed and cambria"
+ " co-heat and comb here?"
- "coheed. and cambria"
+ "CO-HEAT?"
- "COHEED laaaa. C-O-H-E-E-D and C-A-M-B-R-I-A"
+ "oh. hehe"

mana la gua nak tau, kan?

remembered that tomorrow i gotta be at the hotel as committee for the HAPUA event. eh, not tomorrow, it's actually later TODAY!

better go catch my Zzzzzs now.

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