Monday, January 07, 2008

Sheila Majid in Concert

(an effort to raise funds for the IJN Foundation)

Peeps, it's an opportunity to do contribute towards charity while having a great, fantabulous time watching Malaysia's jazz queen, Sheila Majid croon the night away with her lovely vocals.

Tickets for the Concert are priced at RM150, RM200, RM250, RM280 and RM350. You can purchase the tickets by calling:

· the call centre at 03-26178200 and 03-41498600 (during office hours)

· the 24-hour hotline number at 03-20911666,

· Tickets can also be purchased on-line at,

· Members of the IJN Foundation will enjoy a 10% discount

· There are also corporate packages for block booking.

For further information on the Concert and the tickets, please call the IJN Foundation at 03-26178200 extn 3155 or 26178315 or the producer, Eja Ibrahim of SKI Productions at 019-6192668.

Production team :

Alawiyah Yussof (Executive Producer)

Kamal Affandi Hassan (Producer)

Siti Khadijah Ibr ahim, Eja ( Co-Producer/ Director )

Hashridz Murshim Hassim, Acis (Music Director)

Rahmad Ayob (Technical Director)


The IJN Foundation – a charitable non-profit organisation with tax exemption was established in 1995 by the Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) to raise funds for the benefit of the Institute and its care for heart patients.

Every year, the IJN Foundation needs at least RM1.5 million to fund for the treatment charges of needy heart patients. In 2006, a total of RM1,374,155.38 was spent to fund 76 poor heart patients; both adults and children to undergo surgery and treatment at the IJN. This included the follow-up outpatient treatment charges for seven heart transplant patients and the surgery cost to implant a mechanical heart device on a patient who was suffering from end-stage heart disease.

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