Sunday, January 06, 2008

punch! / kebun

Oh, Raymond got me to punch him last week.

Of course I happily obliged! To punch Raymond has been my wish ever since I attended the first class. Really, really gave it to him as hard as I could till my knuckles hurt. Heheh. Well my hands might be small but this girl's punches are definitely ain't wimpy ones, far from it, sir. I think he was pleased.

That felt good.


The parental units are spending the whole weekend at the kebun. We always joke that they should consider staying there when (and if) both of them finally retire from the working world. Abah just love doing kebun things, and Mama, well, despite being a town girl at heart, she also enjoys the nature much and has been involved with the kebun project since day one. And it's just so delightful for the doting grandparents to see that little Aqif likes being at the kebun too - he would excitedly play with the fish caught from the stream, run around the compound and has even taken a dunk in the pond once!

Everytime the kebun is discussed, there'll new plans to upgrade the little pondok we got there. From a simple outdoor area with just a zink roof over it and a wooden platform, now it's a half-brick one-room building with a small kitchen, a shower and a toilet. With electricity, ok. I won't be surprised if one day we'll even have Astro installed, with the complete movie package. Haha.

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