Sunday, September 30, 2007

Decode this

After the announcement of company raya bonus -

Me :B...Apa lagi…jom cepat beratur!! Mintak duit raya from pakcik!!

J: Sempena Bulan Baik Hari Baik ni… all I can say is No.44.

B : And my only answer to that is … “Yes Please 82“ Wakakakakaka.. ROTFL

J: B...This 85 is so old. But I’m willing to look 87. As it is my pocket will be 97 by end of month. Worst off I may have to sell my 90!!! Hahaha… any takers? No 82s pls, only 38 ok, 69 (the best) or 76s wearing 74 pun ok la, but surely kalau dapat 64, pakcik kaya!!! Menang loteri aku! With that does not mean that I’m a 59, far from it but consider as a 47 stand la ek. I hv no 48, so 44!! No 32 & 33 from u all. And don’t be 23ed la, its only me in my 28 time, thinking, with my mind 9. If u wanna, I can do 42? Anyway…. 48 to say, but I’m not going to be 54 & succumb to you guys punya request for 50!!!


The clue to deciphering the codespeak :

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