Sunday, September 23, 2007

in support of the local book industry

(L - Shahril Nizam, R - Amir Muhammad)

[Hi there. Will you buy our books?
What? You want a plastic bag? Oh, sorry, we're conserving the environment.
I guess you'd have to put your purchase in that turtle-choking, non-biodegradable plastic bag you already got for your groceries then.
Or just carry it lah, free publicity summore for us what...]

[This is the first edition ok. Hot off the press. September 2007, see?
Throw in another RM5 and we'll even sign it!]

[The purple book? Re-printed in its original 1970's form you know. Buy la.
Why two different covers for If Only? Couldn't decide la which one to choose and decided to be tamak instead and printed in both. Now let the buyers have the dilemma to choose..


Ok. I was just kidding about the RM5 signing charge.

Venue :
Amcorp Mall, PJ

Bought :
Two (2) copies of Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things (MPSTDT)
Two (2) copies of If Only
One (1) copy of Where Monsoons Meet

(Grand Total : 5)

....thus putting me in Shahril's list of Notable Buyers hahaha!

Link : Amir Muhammad
(Compiler : MPSTDT)

Link : Shahril Nizam
(Illustrator : MPSTDT)
(Author/Illustrator : If Only)

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