Sunday, October 07, 2007

mission accomplished!


It took me NINE MONTHS to lose that 11.6 kgs and reach my goal of 50kgs :)
The journey has been long, but seriously I won't say it's been too hard-lah. Chewah. But yeah, seriously. I got moral support, lots of it. I got a gang of friends and close family members who are on a losing weight track too. I was (and am!) still able to enjoy delicious food all the way. The shakes are delicious. It was a fast ride in the beginning, then slowed a bit, up and down back a bit, plateaued for about 3 months there before getting back into the groove to the finishing line.

So what's NEXT?

Of course there's a next. I can't just stop there. This is a healthier lifestyle change, not a fad or a crash diet thingy. Where got crash diet for NINE MONTHS maaa.

So the game plan is -
  • First, to maintain the weight loss during Raya festivities. Wish me luck. Going to need LOTS of it!
  • Second, to exercise more!
  • Third, to lose another 5kgs in order to reach 45kg. The last time I weighed that was wayyyy back in 2003 when I first started working with the current company.
Oh gosh, it's still a long way to go but it's gonna worth it in so many ways, baby!

Thanks for those who's been in my network of support... when I have time I'll list you all, hehe.

P.S - I bought a new pair of jeans to celebrate this afternoon. Low rise, ripped waist. Feh.

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