Sunday, September 16, 2007

time flies

1. Puasa

Look at the date. It's already 4th of Ramadhan.. Selamat Berpuasa to all my muslim friends. As my standard reply to whose who texted me their wishes in welcoming the month where blessings abound, where refrains and restrains are the order of the day - May Ramadhan bestows its many blessings upon us all, and may it brings barakah for everybody.

Already guilty of going shopping for baju raya. Tee hee. In plural.

2. Aqif

Dear, dear sweet Aqif, my one and only (so naturally he's the 'favorite' haha) nephew, turned 2 today. We wanted to get him a bicycle this morning, but news of the passing of a relative cut the shopping trip short and we only managed to get him this year's baju raya (maroon, which he proclaimed "Cantik!!" and refused to take it off for about half an hour after we put it on him for size). He just started to string words now making simple sentences - "Nak fish", "Tutup cepat", "Wan mana?", "Ni atok". Every moment is such a delight with the little guy. Dad is so proud of the fact that Aqif enjoyed the kebun and has in fact been 'fishing' at the pond - he imagined he'd only be taking Aqif for fishing trips when he's about 5 or so - and there he is busy at the pond, feeding the fish and hungrily eating those that Dad caught before he's barely two! Mamita cherishes the day he finally says her name and the way he'd always prefer to sit with her in the car, and the way he puts his head on her shoulder when she carries him. God he's so lovable!

3. The hat says ...

If one thing's for sure, what the charts say about Taurus-Scorpio pairings are so true. I've not really paid much attention to the star signs and whatnots before, mostly because I hate the way they describe my own star sign. But for this case I just have to make an exception. We (me & B) were so surprised at how the way Taurus-Scorpio relationships were described in one of those zodiac sites, which very much mirrored their ups and downs these past few months. If there's ever a more erratic friendship than the one between these two, I don't think I've seen it yet.

I sure wish things will work out for the best of everyone. Yeah, it's that serious.
But I'm keeping the faith.

Communication (or rather, the lack or refusal to it) can be such a killer!

Update as at 17th Sept - They're quite ok again now... my job is done then. Phew!

4. Current song

Menghapus Jejakmu

Terus melangkah melupakanmu
Belah hati perhatikan sikapmu
Jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu
Tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

Perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu
Kucoba untuk terus menjauh
Perlahan hatiku terbelenggu
Kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

Engkau bukanlah segalaku
Bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
Usai sudah semua berlalu
Biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

- Peterpan, 2007

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