Monday, April 16, 2007



WGC dah kena jual. It's now in a used car dealer lot somewhere in Ipoh, last I heard.

Bye-bye, dear WGC (never got around to name it like some people do, it's always just 'WGC'). With that Sukom '98 bumper sticker that made it instantly recognizable to my friends. Am gonna miss ya. Much memories with that one - so many places, people, events, experiences et al. The good times. The learning. The many dents and scratches (ye la, first car + novice driver, whaddya expect?). The many, ahem, dates too of course LOL. First excursions to Formula 1, theatres, movies, holidays, outstation stints.

Well, there'll be opportunities for more memories later with the next one too, I'm sure.

Anyway for this week, me no car. Me crashing at Sal's place. Me wait.

2. Ring!

One of the nicest feeling to have is the surprise, when you've been thinking of someone for some time, then to find the phone ringing with his name right there on the caller ID. Oh, woe be me, for he's off limits (or more that I'm making it to be so - people do say all's fair in love and war, right?)! But it's still nice just to know you're being thought of too. Really, really nice. Really. *smirk*

3. Grindstone

I said it once and I've said it a hundred times - I truly am in love with my WORK.
Despite the fact that sometimes (okay. MANY times) I felt like bursting at the seams, I still love it because no matter what, I know everyday that something I did - it made a difference - to other people's lives. I revel in it.

And that is the biggest and utmost reward of all.

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