Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i'm on a diet / Jimvertisement

Biah didn't order anything save for an ice kacang during lunch yesterday.

Me (to Biah) : What? You're not eating? But I'm the one who's supposed to be on diet!

* Jim : Eh, Mak Anjang, Mak Anjang on diet ke?

Me : Ye la.. kalau gemuk nanti Pak Anjang cari lain pulak...

* muntah hijau*



* Jim - our 'newfound' buddy who suddenly seems to pop up everywhere and fits automatically into our schedules (and us into his) in the couple of weeks after the rendezvous in Genting. Previously known as a more senior colleague who strikes fear and panic whenever he calls due to the nature of his position. Calls me 'Mak Anjang' and Biah 'Mak Aji' as backlash for us calling him Pak Anjang to imply that he's old. Ok, maybe not THAT old, but old-er la. We always try to rub the fact in and he'd always pretend to not heard anything. Has carloads of nieces and nephews who must think he's the best uncle in the world for always giving in to their whims and fancies (just bought a 3-yr-old niece a Gameboy in pink, and always give away free concert & cinema preview tickets he got from work to the bigger ones).

Ok, suddenly this sounds like a Jimvertisement already.

So, any takers? Heheh.

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