Tuesday, April 03, 2007


(Mandom gila)

It's 7.15pm and everybody else in this wing has left. Am preparing what's needed for tomorrow's trip to the East Coast. My two best buds whom usually by this time would still be here aren't around and it's so quiet out there.

Today's been a constant flurry of phonecalls, emails and SMSes with various people as well as detailed instructions to the new clerk for project claims procedures, who by the way is quite efficient and takes directions rather well so far. Thank God for that.

Work, work, work. And work. And work. Lapan lagi. dua.. tiga.. empat....

Need something to pick me up - thinking back that today I've spent the hours worth the company's RM and my while, solved a couple of issues. Ok-lah.

Sikit hari lagi kalau loan application settle dapat la gua angkat itu kereta baru yiha.

(Tak mandom dah)

Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang. Here I come!

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