Friday, February 04, 2005


12.05 pm

+ Ey, N, your dad works at the XX office, right?
- Yeah, why?
+ At which department yeh, I have a question la about blabla procedure thingy.
- Uhm, well, what is it about actually? Tell me first la.
+ Well it's like this, a cousin of mine got this problem with some procedure blablablablabla then blablabla. After so long still not settled yet lah. So maybe if you can mention it to your dad, maybe he can point towards the right person or department, ya'know, to finally get it done?
- Oh, like that. Well okay, I'll try to ask him.
+ Thanks a bunch ya. Hopefully yer dad can suggest something.

2.00 pm

*Google google*
Search : XX office chart
Results 1 - 10 of about 315 for XX office chart.

Err... wait.... is that N's dad's name?

Whoa. The DG himself. Whoa.

*Ip msg a couple of friends*

N college mate : Ya la, that's her dad la, u dunno aa?

Ouch.... and imagine me asking, "At which department eh?"

Heheh. Ouch.

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