Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cakap.... cakap!!

(read topic a la the movie director in that P. Ramlee movie, complete with appropriate hand gestures)

Jeremy may have spoken in class today, but not me. I lost my voice yesterday and now can only croak at best, and even that would take so much effort already. And whenever the phone rings, come the frantic gestures to rein in the assistance of one of my colleagues to pick it up and explain 'She lost her voice la, sore throat, can you communicate thru email instead'. Thank God for emails.

Very true how we take so many things for granted.

Did you ever even think about the fact that you have a voice to speak with?

I hope I'll get it back soon. This whispering and gesturing business is not a very effective form of communication. Sis is having a ball at mocking me, and kept asking me to "Say Aaaaahhhhh???"


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