Friday, February 04, 2005

Apt pupil

"Source from PPU Sime Darby, system 33kV HT ABC O/H line."

One year ago, all I'd recognize from above is 'Sime Darby' and the word 'line'. That's all. And it wouldn't make much sense anyway. Sime Darby, erm that company, right? Line, what line? Telephone line? Article byline? Line-up at recess?

Being among people who always seem to know what they are talking about, with all sorts of terms and abbreviations which I can make neither head nor tail of in the beginning can be quite unnerving. There they were, prattling about SAVRs and SCADA readings and PECUs and sub-metering and fuse cut-outs while I grapple with the terms, always making notes and whispering to my more senior colleague, "Apa tu?"

Today, though, thankfully, I could raise my head in the meeting and pipe,

"And how many PEs?"

But there's so much to learn still, no doubt about it.

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