Thursday, March 19, 2009

surat-surat cintaku ke atas dan panggilan kecemasan

During a discussion about our pending matters, suddenly Mr. P said -

"Oh, and that was a good letter you wrote, the one to XXX. It's already sent upstairs."

Oh. Smile.

"Thank you, Boss. By the way, your room very warm la."


Earlier J was vetting through another of my memos.

"Ok lah ni, I didn't have much to re-do with this"

(shoving the two memo pages scrawled here and there with his handwriting to me)

"Haaaahhhh ni tak banyak?"

"Ala... mostly just rehashing of the style to suit Big Boss' style, not so much on content lah. You should see some of the memos that got sent here!"

"Hehe. Ok." (yeah, so what else is new)


And so. Today the formal day ends with two calls from people who just got back from a meeting at HQ. It's 6.00pm, and they want a paper to be prepared based on this afternoon's decisions, to be in time for presentation on Monday's JEK meeting or something, BUT the key person has already left for home. So how?

Camtulah. Tomorrow will be another day.

And most important is that tomorrow will be Friday!!!! The weekend's coming!

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