Sunday, March 01, 2009


1. i'm preparing myself for the eventualities. it's a case of either-or. and whichever comes first, it'll be something that i have to brace myself for - then to continue getting on with my life and make the best of all the things around me.

2. be known that i am afraid and scared and very, very wary. i took the jump anyway. now let's see what will happen next. be there for me, no matter what? if you could, lah.

3. if i were to base my whole life in remembrance of the times that i fell or couldn't reach the higher parts, then i'll never be able to get up ever again. and so i choose to look at what lies ahead instead. things can only get better, aight?

4. what i'm blessed with, are exactly what God want me to have. and so i'll cherish the good things for every moment that i'm alive.

5. whenever i wanted to be selfish for a moment there in that particular situation, time and time again it's been proven that it's not even remotely necessary. and again. and yet again. i think there's something i'm supposed to learn here but i still haven't fully comprehend what it is. one thing i know for sure though - rash acts are never a good move in this case. keeping it level has always been the best option.

6. the future will be what we make of it. so giving it the best shot that one has got is the only option there is.

7. i haven't seen the curious case of benjamin button.. sheesh...but i have seen Geng :)

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