Thursday, November 13, 2008

farewell, dear Dato'

Today at 5.31, she'll be clocking out for the last time from our office building.

Our beloved Vice President, who's been helming the Division from the year 2004 with many great achievements and success stories.

When she speaks, she moves hearts. She talks softly but with utmost conviction.

The Iron Lady, some said of her. It's a mighty feat to reach to that level career-wise, in a place traditionally dominated by male engineers.

When she makes decisions, she'll put the most important things at the fore and yet will always try her best to be fair to all parties. At time when the Division is criticized unjustly, she will be the first to defend us and amend the perception.

Seldom (never for me) do people see her losing her cool, but you'll know when she's displeased and it just make you want to improve for the better. Our utmost respect for her is such that you just don't want her to be disappointed.

Her handwriting, gosh, I so admire her penmanship, which is so neat and beautiful, and for someone so busy like her, to be able to pen down her instructions so orderly and neat in the script everybody has come to recognize at a glance, is just such a marvel.

Her eye for details is unmatchable. She'll pore over the matter and remember what's there in the reports, so we always know to be prepared with the facts whenever one is called for a meeting. She's a sharp person and will always ask for the whole story before she makes up her mind.

Her concerns for the company in the future although she's already leaving, is evident in her farewell speech this morning as she outlined the challenges that we still had to face and her hopes for us all.

Although I've never been directly reporting to her, I've been blessed with quite a number of opportunities to spend around the great lady. Not only in the office, I've also been on a boat mencandat sotong by her side (we were the only ones who didn't manage to catch any squid that day though LOL), went snorkeling while on an offshore project trip, and taken a couple of rides in her car during the outstation jaunts. She'd even made the time to come to my Raya open house this year.

My tears fell as the State staff recited a poem dedicated especially for her. I just can't help it.

So farewell, dearest Dato'. Thank you very much for all that you've done for the company, for the advice and guidance, your kindness, your understanding, for everything. You're such a jewel who shines bright in the lives of many, and you'll never be forgotten. May Allah bless you and may you're bestowed with health, happiness and good fortune in future.

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