Sunday, November 16, 2008

blast from the past and forward to the future

There was a time that I loved those 'time capsule' email services and joined at random, typing out various messages to be emailed to myself in the future. So once in awhile I'll be receiving stuff from myself (yeah I know kinda...hahaha) and usually it's quite amusing. A check at the inbox today presented me with the following : to me

Greetings from your past. In the fall of 2005, you agreed to receive this message, which has been preserved in the E-Mail Time Capsule.

Here is the text of your message:

Hey, me in the future!
Today is 12/11/05, Abah just got back from India, Kochi. He lost his luggage for awhile but it's confirmed they have it. We're supposed to go to Om's place and visit Aqif, but it turned out they were in Subang.. frust la. Then patut nak pegi rumah Kak Yong, but tak jadi kut... semua Zzzzz je ni.

Yesterday I was thinking... whether I dare to make a move out of the current place at PP&P. Damn I don't dare to.. yet.
I hope... it's better now.


Heh. I think I'll write myself a 'reply'.

Dear me in the past,

Today is 16 Nov 2008. Abah and Mama are sleeping over at the kebun. We've 'upgraded' the pondok and it's now a fully-livable house, yea, complete with a bathtub! Abah is still travelling all over the place - he'll be going to Jakarta end of the month and is, in fact, finalizing plans to be placed in Kalimantan for a couple of years. Meanwhile Mama is still on contract with her workplace, they just renewed her tenure for another 2 years in September.Yeah, both still enjoying work very much and not showing signs of much slowing down.

Om and family have moved nearby, just 5 minutes away, so we get to see Aqif ever so often now. Aqif's going to be a big brother soon - sis-in-law is expecting another boy! This Syawal me and Sister FINALLY paid a visit to Kak Yong all on our own and we spent the night there on a whim. Haha. It's only Nilai and yet, it took years to finally happen haha. Shmucks.

On work - nope, in the end I decided not to go through with the JB plan. Am no more at the same old place though! Well, I'm still in PP&P, but not under that Section anymore lah. Earlier this year En Lan suggested that I go to the other Section, and this time I took the offer. More changes seem to be on the horizon as well, but it's still too soon to tell if things materialize and whether I'll finally take up the challenge. To answer your question - some things are still the same..and some things ARE better. So hope is not lost.

Some other happenings to be noted since 2005 - bought a car and a house (all rented out - erm, the house, I meant, not the car). Am in touch with primary school friends again thanks to Facebook (that's a new online social site, Friendster's all bust for me). Gained AND lost weight. Am reading non-fiction too these days.
Got crushed in the search of love. Had a marriage proposal from a married man (!), plans of an arranged marriage (one botched, the other...well, we'll see). And have come to LOVE Anuar Zain hahaha.

If I tell you how things are now, today, there's a lot of stuff that you'd be ever amused of. There's the constant factor I guess - life is always full of excitement and newly discovered facets.

So now, in 2008, I'm wondering how I'd be, in the next 3 years - 2011. Am hoping for the best, as always.

Yourself (in the future)

Fancy receiving news from yourself in the future - something that will never happen except in sci-fi movies. The concept itself is mind-boggling : If you know what the future would bring, then what? The future is a result of the chain of events that happened from the past, and if we then knew how it'll turn out, how would we ensure that our actions will be the exact requirements towards the future we're supposed to have? Or if we don't like the future, then how do we ensure what we do will change the results? Then again, if we change the results, that initially should be initiated by the fact that we already KNEW how things will turn out, if we succeeded to change things, theoretically the action of telling oneself about the future will not happen in the first place, and if that didn't happen, we wouldn't be changing it...'s an endless, impossible flux. Wormhole and all. No way.

Anyways, here's one to a better tomorrow, nonetheless!

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