Thursday, September 11, 2008

that time of the year again

Yeap, it's that time of the year again (eh berapa banyak 'that time of the year' dah ada daa)

Which one?

This one laaaa!

Finally completed tabulating everything to the Boss this morning. Well, I can't say 'THE' Boss, as mid-year I've transferred to another Section and thus, a change in the immediate boss as well. This resulted in my KPIs, which were set at the beginning of the year by Boss A as being in Boss B's hands at the end of it. And as the transition period took longer than usual due to the replacement being a fresh trainee (training pun tak habih lagi, tengah2 tu dia kena pegi kursus pulak, yang dua-tiga hari ada, yang dua-tiga minggu pun ada), it resulted in me not being able to practically set any KPI with Boss B for the remaining of the year, despite the fact that officially my transfer took place exactly in the middle of the year.

Haih. Anyways. Dengan Boss B ni takde susah2. He simply asked me to do my KPI rating with Boss A and get it signed, and he'll key in whatever Boss A agreed to. Eheh.

Have to admit during the year I was just busy-busy-busy doing things that's supposed to be done as they come along, and didn't really take much time in revisiting the set KPIs or reviewing the progress specifically to see whether we're on track. Tadak masa la (alasan!). Was quite worried while sitting down and looking at it again in the beginning after the company email sent out notification for everybody to log in to the system and start keying in their KPI ratings. I went like 'erk shucks, tercapai ke percentage2 yang aku dah set nih semua haaa??? omg look at the dates, aiyoh, when did we finally complete those reports and stuff haaaa??' Nak 'bega-bega' sangat pun tak boleh, coz it was mostly set with clear quantifiable targets and all.

So several hours within last two days (ewah ada pulak time yg boleh di-freekan hehe) were spent sifting through the project files getting the data for each necessary KPI items - all 11 of them. Tak cukup lagi. Boss A wanted list of this and that to back up the figures. Iyelah, kalau kena query, senang dia backup. Year-end status...project figures..claim figures..submission dates... list of issues...etc etc.

Looking at the end result, I was happy to note that hey, we've actually managed to capture the year's activities quite extensively. Well, after all it was the THIRD year already. I could still remember doing the first year's KPIs - at the end of the year, we realized that some of it were not really quantifiable, several rather time-consuming tasks weren't covered in any of the targets, some targets were set rather TOO ambitiously etc etc. I tell you, bukan semudah tu beb nak buat KPI nih. Putting the weightage to each item is another mini-nightmare - you don't really record the number of hours you spend on each function, and how in the world do you quantify the effort level for the tasks and then relate to the magnitude of its importance and impact? For example, one function may result in a three-page final RM7mil contract but would've taken three months of preparing the necessary paperwork for approvals and going through the negotiation process at both internal and external sides; while another function may involve about an hour for data verification and preparation of invoice each month but brings in a total of RM13mil for the year - so how best to determine what percentage goes to each? It's all between you and the boss to consider, ponder, pening2 kepala pikir and finally agree, these things.

And finally, the time comes - Tada! Silakan membuat pemarkahan anda.


What can I say is all the late hours slogged, the weekends spent at the office, the distance traveled to the project sites, the stress of chasing after counterparts in the State/subsidiary offices and of being chased by the Corporate/CEO/VP's offices etc etc are finally translated into that single figure with dua tempat perpuluhan - and it was a satisfactory one.

Of course, it's still subject to final moderation by the top guns (which I hope mine won't be touched lah - unless to moderate UP hehehe sapa taknak) - but at the moment..

Okaylah. Not so bad. Alhamdulillah.

next - waiting for the result post-moderation and announcement of company bonus
kalau tak banyak, sikit, tapi mesti ada :)

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