Monday, September 01, 2008


all of a sudden, a few hours till the first sahur session this year and i felt like having some oreos!

i blame sm for this post.

i can't remember how i came about to make oreo's the official snack whenever i go for a snorkeling trip. was it during the first time i put on a snorkeling mask in tioman? or was it that trip to redang with our indonesian relatives? whichever it was, by the time perhentian and kapas came into the picture, packs of oreo' were part of the necessities, alongside sunblock, playing cards and travel scrabble. oh, please note that fish has no interest in them chocolatey-biccies. dia buat tak heran je. kalau roti, yes.

oreo's in cheesecakes and other desserts also will always catch my fancy. oreo's in ice-cream, especially. oh, heaven!

there are many who tried to emulate the chocolatey-cream-sandwich goodness of oreo's, but the original is still what i go for. takmau yang tiruan!

by the way, yeah, selamat berpuasa okeys y'all.

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