Sunday, September 21, 2008

it's the weekend!

i simply love weekends now! only now i really understand what Mel meant when she always tell me how she live basically for the weekends.

one part of the old job that i totally don't miss at all - having to go to the office on the weekends due to the awfully heavy workload. sometimes i even spend all SEVEN days of the week at the office. gosh, i was that bad. urrgh.

can't remember the last time i did that anymore.

these days, during the work-week, the concentration go towards work of course, but once the weekend roll seems to me that what happened from monday to friday was reduced to a blur. the memories of saturdays and sundays are much more clearer in my head haha.


oh, and on weekends the 'routine' continues. with mms - the distance seem like nothing.


so definitely. weekends are way more syiok than other days.

monday to friday are workdays, work work work.

lepas itu weekend comes wee-hoo!

p/s - the last 3 weekends (including this one!) are all shopping weekends. adoi. habih RM.

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