Wednesday, March 26, 2008


dear _,

when i don't know, i can only guess. assume. you know i hate assuming.

because what i've learnt is that when i do the assuming, i can get things wrong. i've done that many times. make things worse. it's been proven.

that's why i always try to seek clarification. lay down the facts, the full story. you know that about me. rather than assume, i need to know what it is exactly.

but since you're not ready (i'm assuming here) to do so yet, it's not the right time yet, i suppose, i can only assume. so i assume it's about that npd thingy. or something i wrote in that card. or something i said on the phone yesterday morning.

please tell me which one, or if i'm wrong altogether even and it's something else entirely.

but if i'm right, then u must've had a thought about it that made u react that way. i would like to know that thought, so perhaps i could explain myself if i've conveyed a different message than what i really meant.

if i'm wrong about all of it, i hope u could tell me later what it was exactly.

at this point i hope i'm just plain over-reacting, as i'm wont to do these days, that i'm just perasan, as you know i'm prone to be.

much love, still.

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