Sunday, February 11, 2007

Campaign update

REAL Progress update :

I'm down to 58.0 kg this week dearies! That would be about 2 kilos after about 3 weeks ( I started on 18 Jan 07), although I still eat somewhat normally (i.e multiple karipaps after meetings, fast food meals a couple of times etc etc). Last year even after the fasting month I only managed to be at most 58.5, and after a week of Raya twas all back to the usual, therefore reaching 58-point-oh is a big deal for me. Serius, I myself also like, tak percaya. But the figures should do the talking :)

Actually the only time that I absolutely really stuck to the plan is by replacing my breakfasts with the shake whereas dinners and snack times are usually where I'd succumb to temptation. Tried hard to make healthier choices in food too as well as make time for exercise- I think this would be the REAL make-or-break factor that would ensure the success of my lose-weight-get-fitter goal. Healthier choices in food, so far not so bad lah. But exercise, man... still not making enough effort for this one. Saya cuba lagi minggu depan, ok.

Doakanlah saye berjaye mencapai cita-cita menjadi lebih kurus dan sihat ini ye. Aminnn.

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