Friday, February 23, 2007

COOL, eh?

1. Being cool

It was during a ride to work - at that time cousin Ridzi had just started his new job and he still didn't have a ride of his own yet.

He remarked that I'm kinda cool, actually, when he realized I was able to follow his babbles. Topic in discussion - Metallica's discography. What he forgot is that he was the one responsible for introducing me to The Black Album, Master of Puppets et. al. back when we were still in our teens.

How easy it is, eh, to be 'cool'?

2. "coolness!"

I just love using that word (complete with exclamation marks -!!-) for everything that I found remotely, well, cool.

Things like - Youtube, Domino's Chocolate Indulgence dessert (gila sedap I tell you - warm, gooey brownies swimming in hot chocolate sauce), colorful sticky-notes, new gadgets, TV adverts, even fancy stationery. Like that pen with its nifty name-stamp in its cap. Coolness.

How easy it is, eh, for a thing to be 'cool'?

3. cooling-off period

Did you know that the Bahasa Malaysia translation for 'cooling-off period' (in sales literature) is 'tempoh bertenang'. Hmm.. come to think of it, when you say to people, "Be cool, man", you could translate it into "Sila bertenang", right?


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