Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grease - is the word

Don't be green, for there's a chance come May, I'll be watching the above, gratis. Ahem.

Oh, don't hate me, please. Not every day a girl gets an SMS offering good stuff like that. Not even if you scrawl her phone number on the wall in public toilet at Level 3 of Amcorp Mall. In all six cubicles.

The other ticket? Hmmm... no one more fitting than my usual partner-in-crime. Yes, it's you. Now, now, don't SMS me to say thanks yet, for it's still not confirmed.

And as we wait for the good news, let's just immerse ourselves in that tingly feeling called anticipation.

How I wish it's the original cast of the 1978 production. Haha, but then they'll be a bit too old to be whispering things like "She's got a bun in the oven" and singing songs about summer love, won't they. But what-ever ever lah kan, I sure wouldn't want to miss a chance to see Sandy, Danny, Kenickie and Rizzo on stage. Whoo-hoo! And Vince Fontaine, of course.

Now everybody!
"You're the one that I want the one that I want ooh-ooh-ooh"

"You're all I need....
Oh yes indeed.."

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