Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dosh and dingdongs

You make a frickin'

s i x t y f i v e

a month.

Oh but wait, minus the EPF contribution, of course, would leave just a measly sum of a little over 10K.

That's why it took you two months to pay back my RM200.

Don't bother asking who.


Last night while watching Friends* it struck me that
1. Mamat salehs (or mat-sals) are taking over our house (!), and
2. It's true, my cousins don't consider me a lady enough to behave in my presence

as I bear witness to Adam (half mat-sal), Ridzi (another half mat-sal) and Arnor (true-blue mat-sal Holland mari) 'discussing' the merits of older women, Jennifer Aniston, MILFs and Mariah Carey, in that particular order.

older women = experienced, get straight to the action
Jennifer Aniston = hot chick, anytime also can
MILFs = list of MILFs they've seen around
Mariah Carey = yummy yummy yummy
/end quote

And that, folks, is generally what dingdongs a.k.a hormon-crazed dudes talk about when no lady is around. Hmppffhh!

* The one where Ross finally find out about Rachel-and-Joey.

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