Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Working on it

Surprise, surprise! Setting up a basic weblog is not that hard. Most of the hard work is already done by the provider, which for me is Blogger. Senang je... heh.. ding dong ding dong dah siap dah. It's the refining process that will take time, all those enhancements, being additional stuff such as adding the links to the side bar, putting up a tag board, images, modifying the templates etcetera. Takes me back to the time a few years back when I worked on my personal homepage (those days almost everybody has one... do you remember that time?). Managed it half-way only, then gave up. Aiseh, hope this time I'd be better and will not be hangat-hangat taik ayam only. Time will tell. Patience, baby!

Today is the second day of the fasting month, and it is only today that I started to feel hungry when it is only 10 in the morning. Wonder why. Hmm.. I suppose because yesterday I ate so much during sahur.. being the first day and all. The 'novelty' of getting up for sahur has worn out I guess. Today it has become just another ritual, as uneventful as the daily breakfast at the office canteen.

Work - none so far today. Boss lepak je... macam taknak bagi kerja. Gaji rabun je aku hari-hari.. rabun sebab I do get assignments once in a while though, mueheh. Doing this using the office PC. Bad girl >:)

Now off to look for a free tag board.

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