Wednesday, October 29, 2003

One thing leads to another

Funny how sometimes we've been meaning to do one particular thing for such a long time, and still do not come around to actually doing it even though there's nothing stopping you from doing so. We keep finding one excuse after another not to. Maybe there's that holiday you've always wanted to take, or that book you've been meaning to read, or that gadget you know you could use, or that old friend you know you will call one day. Or that position you know you want to let go, heh heh. One day... one day in the future I will. We may have even been bragging or telling our friends and family about that one day. Sounds familiar?

There could be several outcomes. You may never come around to it as you found later that you do not need it anymore, or that the opportunity to do so has passed on. Or maybe you may just lose the interest and felt it is not worth doing anymore. Or you may find yourself preparing meticulously for it, carrying out all the arrangements and scheduling necessary before you finally do it.

Or maybe one day, a simple event takes place, and suddenly you found yourself doing that particular thing you've been meaning to do with absolute ease and no hesitation at all on your part.

My point is : I just bought a digital camera. Yesterday. Pat just like that. Because of this weblog. Yeay! I am now a proud owner of a Nikon Coolpix 2100 (a new model here), harga pasaran yang disyorkan RM888(tanpa flashcard tambahan), dapatkan segera di kedai gambar yang berhampiran dengan anda. Easy to buy and get pointers coz my brother has a kedai gambar himself. See what I meant? Been meaning to get a digital camera for some time, and own brother sells cameras to people day in and day out some more, yet yesterday only buy one. I decided to get a very basic piece first, and get the hang of it before moving on to greater functions. Ah.... now that though will be on another day of course?.

P.S : If you want to buy a camera or other photography-related stuff at prices a lil' bit cheaper than the usual market price, tell me lah! Support my brother's business :)

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