Friday, October 31, 2003

There is hope yet for them..

The above is precisely what flashed through my mind yesterday, as this girl who I do not know suddenly startled me out of my reverie while I was waiting at the roadside, giving me the salam, ”Assalamualaikum kak!”

I myself wondered why it was that particular thought occurred to me at that moment. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was mulling over the imminent resignation of Malaysia’s premier, the loved (by many) and despised (also by many) Dr. M, which will be in just a few hours’ time while this is written. It will be unarguably the EVENT that Malaysians would remember most for 31st October 2003. There statements that it was to be supposedly a low-key (hah!) event, well in that case, it is the highest-publicized low-key event I’d ever encounter. How ‘low-key’ can you get for an event that is to be telecast live, over national TV no less, I want to ask!

I’ll add more later. Gotta go off to work.

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