Wednesday, December 03, 2008

to azlina and jim, post their 30th and 40th birthday celebration

..respectively, not at the same time, of course hehe.

i just realized there were many similarities regarding my friendship with these two -

both were born in November - 10 years apart, plus several days. one a sagittarian, the other a scorpio.

my first contact with them weren't in person but through phonecalls and the world wide web - one thru email, the other thru the comments box of a blog. and at the first time that i met each of them, of course i never thought our friendships are gonna grow into what it is today.

both has shoulders i've cried on - one literally, the other figuratively (ye la yang sorang tu tak muhrim, mana boley).

both has given me some hard advice, with harsh words to face the reality of the world.

both prefer to be on their own momentarily during bouts of personal crisis, but just as soon will come back with a vengeance and lash out with great force after they've licked their wounds - better not be in their way!

both are more comfortable to complain and whine in English, somehow.

both love good food (haha well who doesnt?) and doesnt mind spending and splurging for the satisfaction of some yummy grub.

both, i love dearly, as great friends go.

semoga dimurahkan rezeki, panjang umur dan dikurniakan kesihatan hendaknya oleh Allah buat sahabat-sahabatku ini.


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