Sunday, February 24, 2008

keretapi fikiran

1. sheltered

Sheltered and protected from the big, bad world.
From all the wolves in the woods, the dark of the night and the monsters under the bed.

Here's a line from an old-time commercial - "I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys-R-Us kid"

I think I can grow up a bit more.

2. Qs

/start rant

  • why?
so be it. i'll try my best to not question anymore. we don't need more rhetorical, unanswerable Qs here. take it or leave it - my choice. i'll take it. as long as it's on the menu. like i always say - "i'm game!".

here's a line from the movie 'stuck on you' - "why deny deny deny? embrace!!"

/end rant

3. among the giants

there i was, alone among the gentlemen. one of them my own father. the others, most i've called 'uncle' ever since, but now a couple are relegated to first-name basis at times. the dato' chairman asked me to take the floor. having them listen to me and my ideas, it was the first time in many years that i really felt like an equal in that particular situation. i stated the case. they listened. points debated, and we came to an agreement. a conclusion. more work after this.

it was nice having them giving me an honest pat on the back. made the effort really worthwhile.

here's a line from the movie 'night at the museum' - "some people are born great. others have greatness thrust upon them"

this is how these things happen, i suppose. along the course of my life, i'm more that type - the type that somehow get things thrust upon them rather than being the ones that chart and track new courses on their own. but does that mean what i do is less worthy in comparison? no! i don't think so!

4. the new candidate

yeah i've known that she's involved in politics, but just like that lah, so it still it amuses me a bit to look at that smiling face staring from the saturday newspaper, featuring the full-page interview about her nomination as the party's constituency candidate.

because the first time we met some months ago, we talked about harry potter and the cartoons that her 4-yr-old daughter loves, and the fact that she's been on diet. and whenever she was spoken about by her brother, it was often with candid remarks as a much beloved manja little sister.

anyways, are we all ready for the coming elections yet?

here's a line from that RTM song - "Marilah mari..kita mengundi.. jangan lupa kewajipan.. pada negara!"

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