Friday, June 29, 2007

kata nasihat / mort plans

I heart you ols for ur nasihats. Like tiger balm, ok.

[Above pix only serves to make this post seems longer than it actually is]


I think last night I may have freaked out Biah a bit by telling her how I would break the news to our big boss IF I got a terminal illness and there's only, say, 6-8 months for me to live. And I was contemplating whether that would be enough time for me to settle everything at the office so it wouldn't be too much trouble for whomever that's going to take my place (think so) . Also whether my existing financial commitments would be a burden later to the family (nope, all will be taken care of).

"Everybody's gonna die one day. It's a fact. I'm just being practical"

"Yeah, but people don't go around planning how to break the news to their boss like that!"
"It's just a what-if la. At least I'll be prepared IF it does happen like that"
"I hate what-if situations"
"You're gonna be so freaked out kan if I die tomorrow"
"Heck I'm freaked out already"
"Ala, like I said, I'm just being practical about it"
"You definitely need a new life"


I love long conversations. Period.

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