Monday, January 22, 2007

Ted's Fight Against The Fat!

1. The Announcement

Yeah, see the above ticker?

Ted is officially on a Diet!

2. The Facts

For a short person like Ted, 60kg is quite overweight as she's supposed to be around the 48kg vicinity. Please don't ask what her height is - that's classified information. Even Sheila Majid is taller than her, k. And if you've known Ted for quite sometime, you're gonna notice that she has gained significant kgs in the past three years.

(Now why am I writing in the third-person viewpoint nih?)

3. The Why?

1) Being overweight is plainly, NOT HEALTHY. Gaining 16kgs in 3 years is another point under the NOT HEALTHY files. Believe it or not, I was 44kg in 2003. Hehe gua sendiri pun macam tak percaya.

2) I have a whole cupboard section and drawer with all the cute tops, kebayas and jeans that I can't fit into anymore. Even my baju kurungs are ketat now, ya'know.

3. The Plan

Erm, well, anyhoo this ain't one of them strict high-protein-low-carb, three-hour-daily-fat-burning-cardio-regime, no-fat-high-fibre or whatever stuff. Mati la kalau aku kena buat macam tu. I'm gonna do it pretty low-key, like, with proper nutritions and actual meals. Chewah. Plus exercise, of course. (Now THAT's another part that's worth a whole post on its own.)

And I'm doing it all with the aid of - (drumroll please) - Herbalife.

How could I not? I've been reading about the wonders of this thing online for a couple of months and I've gone for it line, hook and sinker. I've succumbed to their sweet promises of delicious shakes, lose weight though you still eat quite normally, nutritionally complete meal replacements and the oh-so-wonderful testimonials.

Call me a sucker, heh. But we'll see lah how.

The product is kinda expensive, so that will motivate me, I hope. For RM365 I get a box (cutesynamed 'Start Now Pack') with 3 containers of whey protein powder, nutritionally-complete strawberry shake powder and a tea-mix. Don't forget the scoop and the shake-mixer!

5. The How

Actually, I've a suspicion that simply by controlling my makan and exercising three times a week, one really COULD lose weight just fine, but I don't have strong-enough willpower to work on that alone. Now that I've spent some cold, hard RM on this, supposedly it'll motivate me to tahan myself from reaching out for yet another of those yummy karipaps at the cafeteria. Man I'm real partial to ALL kinds of karipaps - be it beef, chicken, sardine or simply plain kentang.

So here's how it's supposed to work : I'll be replacing my breakfasts and dinners with a concoction of the shake and whey protein, while for lunches I'm supposed to have one as usual. That's what really hooked me in, since it's perhaps the first time I've heard of a losing-weight plan that actually ALLOWS you to have a meal AS USUAL. I looveeeee delicious food with a capital F, wait, no, make it caps all the way, FOOD, and there's no way I'm gonna forgo enjoying them daily. Yeay for Food, glorious Food!

Then on course there's that need to exercise. Which I must, MUST find time to do. I'll be hitting the treadmill hopefully at least 2 times a week, and there's that yoga video that Leed has conveniently put in together with the shake-stuff. Oh yeah, she's the one that sold me the Herbalife product. She's lost 9kg and showed me her before-and-after pictures.

6. The Progress

Anyways, here I am now 4 days into The Plan.

Day 1 (morning) : 60.1kg
Day 4 (morning) : 59.3kg

Well actually I'm not sure whether I've really lost some weight or it's simply water and, erm, ahh, you know, that thing that goes swoosh into the toilet. Tee-hee.

Let's see how we do later after a month. Or two. Hmmm.

In the meantime, see me psyching myself :

(I soooooo gotta lose some weight, malu la if not, iye-iye je dah announce kat sini)

Wish me luck!

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