Tuesday, May 16, 2006

win, lose, or ....

Kocokan dadu di tangan berharap nasib baik
Orang yang menang langkahpun semakin naik
orang-orang yang kalah peluang makin susah
Kalau salah salah langkah bisa bisa masuk penjara
Dana umum dan kesempatan hanya untuk yang bernasib baik
Dana umum dan kesempatan hanya untuk orang yang menang
Ini hanya permainan
Ini monopoli Ooo...
Ini monopoli Ooo... main monopoli
Orang-orang yang menang menguasai segalanya

'Main Monopoli'
'PISS!' (peace) album, 1993


Someone said, winning isn't everything.

But, who wouldn't like it to win it all? Honestly. I would. Of course. Why not?

An optimist like me do believe that it's possible to have a "win-win situation", where to win some, you may have to lose some as well. But that must be better than one-wins-all and the-rest-lose-all. Especially when you're at the losing end.

We do get 'Chance' cards in life. It's just that we may not realize it since it most probably come in various disguises. In Monopoly though, we may get to keep the card to use when we think fit. In life, we gotta know it when it comes and grab our chance before it's gone. Swoosh!

Main monopoli, hah. Banker jugak yang confirmed kaya, ekcerli.

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