Monday, May 01, 2006

sunday is a day

1. Kawan-kawan

Friendships could be strange things that defies explanation.
How they came about, or how they got unravelled.

You could find the best of them coming from places you don't really expect to, with people you don't really plan to.

And you could find them getting undone, with things you did that you thought were the best.

Then you may even forget the when, how and why, but one will always remember the who and the good times had. And when that time comes, it's best to just move on.


2. Lantai T(onggek) Pinkie

Lantai T. Pinkie the musical was a yawn in the middle. The singing scenes were quite enjoyable though, and Nasha Aziz sure is one pretty lady.


3. Che vs Gie vs Chin Peng

Watched The Motorcycle Diaries (tq JLo!) three times already. And have seen a picture of the dead Che. And read the wiki page on him. Still couldn't make up my mind whether to admire him or not. But at least I know now the rough idea of the man, instead of the many who may just have his mug on their tshirts / slingbags / caps without having the faintest clue about the guy.

Watched Gie, once. Maybe I have to see it again. But I think The Motorcycle Diaries is a much watchable movie. And not just because the actor who played Ernesto is so hensem.

Am keyed for local release of Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (supposedly 18/5/06). But the latest development is quite a suspen one, hope all goes well.


I just like something different, sometimes.
But please don't put me on the list of people to sign up for that party.

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